Day Program

Our day program provides total immersion in the arts, allowing you to enjoy your time away from home in activities that challenge your mind and keep you actively engaged.

  • Take your work home

  • Sell your work in our store

  • Participate in our Garden Program in collaboration with UW-Whitewater


Vocational Program

Take your artistic talent to the next level and become a career artist. Artistic mentors will assist with:

  • Development of your artistic skills

  • Selling your work in our store or at art fairs and other venues

  • Web site development/business cards

  • Learn the business of art with bookkeeping, marketing, etc


Transition Program

Designed for those in their transition years. Learn how art will fit into your life after high school and into adulthood.


  • Develop your artistic skills​​

  • Figure out if you want to do art as a career or as a day program

General Intake Process

  • Arrange to pay us a visit to check out the space and to meet our staff (about 15-30 min visit). This visit will allow staff to get to know what your specific needs and goals are.

  • Meet with your team to arrange funding and transportation.

  • Complete registration form and arrange for a day and time to attend.

For those without disabilities who are interested in spending time in the studio give us a call or stop in to sign up. You will be given the same guidance as needed, however our sales, vocational and transition programs are only for those with diagnosed disabilities.