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Vocational Program


In our vocational program, artistic mentors will guide you in your artistic skills to build a marketable product that has good craftsmanship and quality

A team meeting will be required to assess your needs for support services. Some questions to consider when heading into this track is:

  • Do I want to do this full time or part time?

  • Do I want to keep my current part time job and do my art on the side as a business?

  • Who do I have that is able to help support me with some aspects I need support with?


Studio 84 staff is able to assist with many aspects of the business of art and will work with your team to make sure you have the needed supports that fit your goals and needs. 


Each individual is different in their approach and goals, but here are some of these supports that may be required:

  • transportation to art fairs

  • assistance during an art fair

  • training for use of register and customer service skills

  • money management with your business

  • website development

  • business card design

  • marketing on social media

  • photographing your original art and creating prints, notecards, products for sublimation process such as mugs, t-shirts and bags

  • potential outsourcing for other products

  • assistance with DVR process if your use their services for a business

  • application to exhibits or other venues to sell your work or enter in to a show/contest

  • and so much more

Check out our career artist's websites!

Jessica Barden
Laurie Narad
Nathan Kehoe
Stuart Nagy
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