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Mission Vision

Studio 84 will provide fully accessible opportunities in the arts to enrich peoples lives by focusing on the strengths and abilities of the individual, by encouraging the creative voice with self directed activities, thus, inspiring self-worth, pride, confidence and acceptance. 

Philosophy and Approach

Our philosophy is to provide open exploration of any medium chosen by the student with individualized guidance. By looking closely at each student's abilities and skill level, individual instruction is provided.  Whatever challenges they may bring with them a creative solution will be sought to nurture their inner creative needs and provide every opportunity for success.  Students are challenged and encouraged to grow at their own pace.

Artists painting mural on Studio 84 building outside.
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Our History

Studio 84 was conceptualized many years ago by Deborah Blackwell. An artist with a vision. While attending UW-Whitewater, plans were being formulated and slowly things came her way as they were needed in the goal of opening a non-profit art center that would be open to all ages, all abilities and would specialize in working with people with physical and cognitive limitations. In Deborah's last year of schooling, the momentum grew and soon the necessary things that were needed fell in place. 

The Studio became Incorporated in December of 2007 and non-profit status was granted in June of 2008. Fund raising began to be able to open doors. Several buildings were spotted but the one that caught her attention was a building well suited for the implementation of all the programming desired. It is also a building with a history of art attached to it, with the historical, Prairie Tillers Mural painted on the side. Located at 121 W. Center Street, Whitewater, Wisconsin, Studio 84 is just off the main street of the downtown area.

The Studio opened its doors on July 1, 2009 with left over art supplies from college days, a classmate's art on the walls, a found table, used computer and with half of the building still being remodeled.

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