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Day Programing

Brad Houdek

In our day programing, you will enjoy working in any artistic medium you choose. Staff will teach you new skills and let you guide us where you would like to go with art. We will always look to challenge your thinking with new skills and ideas in your art.

Our goal is to have you become as independent as possible.

What can you learn?

  • become independent

  • daily living skills such as set up and clean up

  • increase communication skills with whatever communication method you use

  • social interaction with other creative like minded people

  • teamwork

  • creative problem solving

As your artistic skills improve, you can choose to sell your work in our store and earn a bit of spending money.

You can also choose to move into the vocational programing if you decide you want to sell more and do art as a business. At this point a meeting with your team would be required to assure all supports are in place to help you be successful.

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