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Transition Program


The transition program is designed for schools with transition programs. This could be during the school year before the student graduates or those programs where the student has recently graduated and is in that 18-21 year age range and enrolled in the districts transition program.

It is designed for the student or school group to explore art as a potential day program or vocational program as they search for what will work for them as they move into adult life.

Artistic mentors will work with students individually to explore and develop their artistic skills in a direction the student desires. They will be challenged with new skills and ideas.

We will also work with the group to explore fundraisers with art they have created. Fundraisers are a great way to have students learn about supporting the community. It's a win win for all involved, with many life and vocation skills learned in the process.


The Eagles Pathway from Jefferson School district has worked on an Empty Bowls fundraiser where the students glazed bowls to be sold at the event with soup that they made. Funds raised went towards some of the organizations that have been supporting them with learning experiences, such as the local food pantry and several others. 

Teachers of transition programs should contact us to discuss scheduling and specific goals and needs of the group.

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