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Laurie passed away in 2022 and is greatly missed by her friends in the studio. She was an inspiration to her fellow artists. Laurie would tell you that even though she had cerebral palsy she has always compared herself to people who are “normal” with the same needs, desires and skills in art. Since coming to the Studio she said she learned she had more talent than  ever thought possible and found it very relaxing and rewarding.

When she was younger it was her dream to be an artist. She was in our Vocational Program and sold her work. Visit her website here.

In 2021, Laurie made it her goal to write and illustrate a book.  She passed away only a few months after its completion. Purchase it here.

It was Laurie's wish along with family that her work continue to be sold to help support the programing for others.  Purchase her work in our store.

Meet Laurie in this video.

Laurie Narad

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