Life and Death Through the Artist's Eyes


Gallerie 84



An escape room that combines the beauty of art with the scent of death that you must escape with the tradition of a true house of horror.

A special fundraiser event for Studio 84, a non profit art studio that specializes in the creative development of people with disabilities.
This escape room/horror house is just in time for halloween fun!
But will last only for a short time!
So reserve your escape now!
Open only October 2020
Tickets $30
Room capacity: 12 max, 5 min
1 hour in length
Includes docent tour and post escape photos

About the Room

Historically, artists have reflected in their art what is happening in the world around them as well as in their personal lives. As it is said: Art is a reflection of the soul. Death is a part of life and thus artists throughout history have not neglected this part of the human experience. Through the generosity of the Frank J. Ludicky Foundation, Musee Galerie 84 curator  Monsieur Restes and Mademoiselle Deborah Noir Bien, have organized an exhibit on “Life and Death Through The Artist’s Eyes”. Monsieur Restes states, “Bringing together the strange and surreal dark works of art by Goya and Carrivagio, to name a few, has been the highlight of my career.”


The dark and horror ridden years of humanity from the late 1500’s to mid 1800’s will send a chill down your spine and make your skin crawl. An unexpected surprise fills your evening as your docent leads you to the exhibit with the intent of showing off the gallery’s recent acquisitions.  Do not be fooled into thinking that your visit to Musee Galerie 84 is going to be a safe one. As this escape room combines the beauty of art with the scent of death that you must escape in the tradition of a true house of horror.

The Legalities

General (full details are in the waiver to be signed

1. You will be required to sign a waiver before participating.

2. Photos are not allowed inside the room.

3. We reserve the right to photograph, videotape, or audio record you and allow these to be used for any legitimate purpose for promotional purposes.



General Room Rules (full details will be presented during check in)

1. Be respectful of the items in the room, you will be held responsible for any reckless behavior resulting in damages or injuries.

2. There is nothing in the ceiling

3. Do not tamper with or place any objects into electrical outlets.

4. Everything needed to escape is included in the room. Outside materials items will not benefit you. This includes phones, pens, lock picks, crowbars, long fingers or arms or any other random item you may have brought with you.

5. If something is locked, you need to unlock it. If an items does not easily open, please do not force it.

6. At the end of your game, we will take your picutre and post it on our Facebook page. We would greatly appreciate it if you would tag yourself as well as share and/or like it.

Photo Gallery and Testimonials

OMG this was the best night out with friends!

Scared to death! Loved it! Best time EVER!

We didn't make it! But we had so much fun! Lots of excellent riddles and stuff.

YES we did it! But it was so freaking scary!


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