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Storytelling Fesitval

A city wide event by
Whitewater Chamber of Commerce

Here's what Studio 84
is hosting on
October 16, 10-5
Matt 36x36 acrylic on upholstery fabric on stretched black velvet.png

Poetry, Painting, and Upholstery Fabric: A Journey through PTSD

Artist: Michael Tilbury

Michael Tilbury uses visual art and poetry to share his journey through PTSD. He obtained his BFA from UW-Whitewater and is currently a graduate student at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine

"It feels like a hornet’s nest was kicked and shoved into my brain when I feel myself slipping or having a bad day. There is a buzz happening. Then the waves of anxiety or depression come and greet you to where you feel you’re on the cusp of physically drowning." 

Community Storybook Project

Fact or fiction add your voice to the story.

Help write a unique book by adding a line or 3 or 4 to the story. The book that is created will be published as part of our annual fundraising efforts. Studio 84 artists will illustrate it. 

Here's how it works:

Stop by Studio 84 on
October 16, 10-5 

Read what was previously written.

Add your ideas to continue the story.

Purchase the book when published.

Your name will be listed as an author.

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