Studio 84 121 W. Center St. Whitewater, WI 53190

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Board of Directors


Heather joined the board to be more involved in spreading the good feelings that she received while doing a story on the Studio. Heather is a journalist with Southern Lakes Newspaper.

Board Member

Heather Ruenz


Julie is an active mom of three, two of which have disabilities and have enjoyed Studio 84's programing. She has a background in job coaching

Board Member

Julie Witt


A resident of Whitewater and Professor of art at UW-W, Greg joined the board of directors to help others who otherwise might not be able to attend traditional art school classes.

Board Member

Greg Porcaro


Karen has a background in art and theater. She is part owner of The Book Teller in Whitewater and puts her creative talents to use with her 

jewelry business KMA Jewelry.

Board Member

Karen McCulloch



Deborah received her BFA and minor in arts management from UW-W in 2008 and in 2009 she opened Studio 84. Her passion for sharing her gift in the arts with others is the driving force behind Studio 84.

Founder/Executive Director

Deborah Blackwell


Ben has his masters in Social Work and started out as a volunteering during his college years. His outside the box creative skills and brainstorming abilities helps keep the studio running at high speed. 

Artistic Mentor/Assistant Director

Ben Kelly