Create Your Own 3

Create Your Own 3


Make your own Holiday 10 pk of your favorite cards!

The perfect way to get exactly what you want.


How to create your 10 pack:


1. Select images from any of the 3 Create Your Own categories

2. Select quantity as 1

3. Click on add to cart

4. Select four more images in same way.


You will then see that you have 5 images for a total of $16.

This will give you 10 cards, 2 of each image for your pack.


If you want more than one 10 pack with different images in each pack, repeat this for each 10 pack you want.


If you want more than one 10 pack but with the same selections, then select quantity to the number of 10 packs you want. Example: you want four 10 packs of the same 5 images. Select quantity as 4.