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The Luna Project

A fundraiser to support two extraordinary organizations that transform lives in very different ways.

Two organizations, two different approaches and missions. Yet interconnected with a common goal of transforming lives. The Luna Project brings together art and counseling together to raise awareness and funds to support New Beginnings and Studio 84.


Studio 84 artists have created a collaborative painting depicting the Luna Moth, which is a symbol in some cultures of rebirth, renewal, transformation and regeneration. A print of the painting will be displayed at the New Beginnings center where clients can view it and be inspired by its message.


New Beginnings is located in Elkhorn and Whitewater with a mission to provide supportive services and advocacy for adult and child victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, harassment and human trafficking.


Studio 84 supports people with disabilities and brings about transformation with increased self esteem, independence and a sense of belonging through the development of their creative side through the arts.


Proceeds from the fundraiser will support both organizations.

You can also purchase items that support the Luna Project HERE.

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All proceeds will be divided equally between both organizations and will support their ongoing programing.

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