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Cookies, Cupcakes and Pies OH MY!

Saturday, July 15, 2023, 5-7 pm.    Annual Gala Night "Here We Bloom Again"

Bakers needed for a Bake Sale during our Gala Night.

  • Fill out the form to let us know what you will bake.

  • Bake cookies, cupcakes or a pie, your choice of either or all.

  • Package them up on a sturdy disposable Chinet plate (or a cool real plate from goodwill that's cheep!) Make sure they are covered with a saran wrap and well secured.

  • Put a price on it (you decide what your baked goods are worth).

  • Package as follows:

    • Cookies per plate of half or full dozen.

    • Cupcakes as individual or per half dozen (we have containers if you need them for 6 cupcakes -- while supplies last -- so first come first served)

    • Pies as a whole or a nice big slice.

  • Deliver to Studio 84 the day of at start of event pm. Or make special arrangements if can't make it at that time. This is so we can get them placed on our table and ready to go.​

  • Note: any baked items not sold by end of night will go home with you or be dropped off at the Community Space's food pantry in Whitewater.

Baker Registration

What Are You Baking?

Thank you for your support!

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