Studio 84 is a non profit art studio that provides experiences in the arts for the community.
We specialize in the creative and vocational development of people with disabilities including those with Autism,
physical disabilities, cognitive limitations and mental illness.

We believe in creating an environment of inclusion.
Open to all ages and all abilities.

Located in Whitewater, Wisconsin

Visual Arts Programs

Our Visual Arts Programs allows many levels of participation depending on your needs and goals. Students can sign up on a flexible schedule to work in the Studio under the guidance of our staff as a recreational day program activity or with an IAP (Individual Art Program). An IAP is designed to develop the artist further with specific goals in mind. We also offer the option of heading into our Art as a Career Program, which provides assistance and mentorship with sales at various venues, website development and marketing to sell their work. Our Tranistions Programing supports the recently high school graduate who is in their districts transition programing. We assist with artistic development and potential art as a career options.

Art Gift Shop

Studio 84's Art Gift Shop is a unique local treasure that offers works of art for sale. Our artists with disabilities decide if they want to sell their work. This not only provides them with the opportunity to earn some extra money but they also help with customers when they come in and learn retail jobs skills. Vocational skills are also learned when the sign up to sell their work at a local art fair, festival or market in our art tent.

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery brings the experience of a professional gallery setting for our artists to exhibit their work as a group or as an individual. We often will bring in other artists from the community to exhibit work and bring new ideas for them to see.

Other Programs

Other programs opportunities come our way in theater, video and special art related workshops. Sign up when they become available.


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